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Inside the Uphill Fight for Clean Water in California’s Central Valley

More than 1 million Californians, many living in the state’s agricultural heartland, still do not have access to clean water. “The Great Divide” — the third-place winner in the Yale Environment 360 Video Contest — examines one community’s struggle to gain access to unpolluted water.


Listening to Silence: Why We Must Protect the World’s Quiet Places

As more people push into once-remote areas, truly quiet spots — devoid of the noise of traffic or crowds of tourists — have become increasingly scarce. Now, a coalition of activists, scientists, and park officials are trying to preserve the last quiet places on the planet.

By Jenny Morber

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Biologist Steven Burgess collects samples from soybean plants at a University of Illinois research farm.

Food & Agriculture

From the Lab to the Field, Agriculture Seeks to Adapt to a Warming World

With rising temperatures, the world’s food supplies are at risk, with deceasing yields in key staple crops. Researchers and innovators are looking at more resilient crops and farm animals — from heat-resistant wheat, to drought-resistant rice, to Naked Neck chickens that stay cooler.

By Jim Robbins

The Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus Crisis

  1. Coronavirus Holds Key Lessons on How to Fight Climate Change

  2. Interview

    Connecting the Dots Between Environmental Injustice and the Coronavirus

  3. Analysis

    After the Coronavirus, Two Sharply Divergent Paths on Climate

  4. Interview

    Spillover Warning: How We Can Prevent the Next Pandemic

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